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Jäbôrd Sign In / Sign Up FAQ
How do I create a Jäbôrd account?

There are 3 ways to create a Jäbôrd account:

  • With your Email. Enter your email address during sign up. We’ll email you a link for verification. Click on the link and you’re ready to set your own password. Once you set your own password, you can sign into Jäbôrd.
  • With Facebook. Choose to sign up for Jäbôrd with Facebook. Give your Facebook credentials for authentication. Once the authentication is completed, you will automatically be signed in to Jäbôrd.
  • With Google. Choose to sign up for Jäbôrd with Google. Give your Google credentials for authentication. Once the authentication is completed, you will automatically be signed in to Jäbôrd.
Will you ever post to Facebook or Google without my permission?

No, never.

Will updates in my personal information on Facebook be reflected on my Jabord account?

No, the importing of basic information is a one-time action.

If I’ve already created a Jäbôrd account by signing up with Email, Facebook, or Google, what will happen if I try to sign in with another one of my accounts?

If your email addresses are different on those networks, this will create a new Jäbôrd account that won’t be linked to your previous account.

If I use the same Email address on Facebook and Google, will you connect my Jäbôrd account to those networks?

Yes. As long as Jäbôrd can verify that the same email address is associated with those accounts, you can log in with any of them.

For example: You create your Jäbôrd account using your email. The next time you log in, you log in with Facebook. If the email you use on Facebook is the same as the email you use on Jäbôrd and is authenticated with Facebook, we’ll automatically log you into Jäbôrd. This will connect your Jäbôrd account to your Facebook. This also works for Google.

Which countries is Jäbôrd currently available in?

Jäbôrd is currently available in most countries, including:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Venezuela
  • France
  • Italy
Jäbôrd Résumé FAQ
Do you offer guidance on building my Jäbôrd Résumé?

Yes. When logged in, you can click on the “Help” icon located at the top right corner of the Jäbôrd Résumé for a quick overview. More in-depth guidance on each section is coming soon.

How can I upload my photo to my Jäbôrd Résumé?

You can click on the “Menu” icon located at the top right corner of the website, then click “Add a Photo.”

How can I add my existing résumé to my Jäbôrd Résumé?

You can upload your existing PDF/.doc by selecting “Upload Your Personal Resume” on the left side of the Jäbôrd Résumé. Please note that this will not auto-fill your Jäbôrd Résumé like the Linkedin upload. This feature allows the end user to download your original résumé file.

How many skills can I add to my Jäbôrd Résumé?

You can add an unlimited number of skills to your Jäbôrd Résumé, and you can highlight and rate up to 10 of them.

How can I add direct links to my social media profiles?

You can add your social media profiles in the “Links” section of your Jäbôrd Résumé. Please note that this section can also include direct links to personal websites, blogs and more.

What is the difference between a Work Sample and Post?

Work Sample signals to the end user that it contains actual work produced. When adding either a Work Sample or Post, the user has the ability to add a title, description, and all types of multimedia.

What can I add to the Extras section?

You can add any additional information about yourself you think employers would like to see, such as publications, items you would like to highlight from your portfolio, hobbies, volunteer efforts, etc. Many of our users get very creative with this section. Add content to really stand out! Use this section to let your personality really shine through.

Can I order my Extras?

By default, Extras are displayed in reverse chronological order. However, you can also pin them to the top by navigating their drop-down menu.

Why do some of my tags have a number next to them?

The number next to your tag indicates the number of times that tag has been used in your Jäbôrd Résumé. For example, if you used “#Photoshop” throughout your Jäbôrd Résumé in four places, the number ‘4’ will appear in front of the Tag.

Jäbôrd Shared Résumé FAQ
What is the purpose of sharing my Jäbôrd Résumé?

This is the ultimate aim of making a Jäbôrd Résumé! Sharing your Unique Link with potential employers (or whoever else!) allows you to provide a non-editable version of your Jäbôrd Résumé exclusively to whomever you want. Having this link is the only other way someone can view your Jäbôrd Résumé without having access to your account.

Can I hide elements of my Jäbôrd Résumé in its shared version?

Yes. You can hide a Post, Reference, Work Sample, Extra or Personal PDF/.doc Résumé from being displayed in the default shared version of your Jäbôrd Résumé by marking it as “Private” in its menuYou also have the ability to completely customize what’s included in a shared version of your Jäbôrd Résumé by creating additional versions in your “Share” page.

How can I use a QR code to share my Jäbôrd Résumé?

The QR code is a direct link to your shared Jäbôrd Résumé. You can distribute it on a business card, or simply display it using your mobile device for someone to scan in person.