1. Help


Create a Job
  • Add Title:-defines the title/name of the Job/Position.
  • Location:- defines the location of the Job/Position availability.
  • Industry:- defines field of Job eg: Agriculture,Communications,Finance,IT etc.
  • Function:- defines Sub-category/sub-field of Job eg: sales,marketing,investment etc.
  • Position Count:- defines No. of vacancies Available.
  • Job Type :- defines either Full-time/Part-time
  • Experience:- defines the total Experience(Min/Max)
  • Payable Type :- defines Mode of Payment.
  • Compensation :- defines compensation if eligible(Min/Max)
  • Application Deadline: defines the last date of applying for Job.
  • Hiring Deadline: defines the last date by which the hiring process is completed.
  • Skills and Expertise :defines skill & experience needed for the particular Job (Includes: Mandatory,Desired,Optional)
  • Job Description: Info about the Job.(if any can be specified).