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Add a post to make your profile awesome

You’re more than just a resume… time to shine and add a post! Here’s how: If your post is NOT specific to a job or education, but tells something about who you are, click on the three dots to the right of the HISTORY BAR and follow these instructions:
  • in the drop down, click SOCIAL and fill in the left hand pop up
  • REMEMBER – if adding a URL for YouTube, save by clicking the blue arrow in the box, to the left, inside the box
  • Once you’ve finished, just click on the orange arrow at the bottom – it will appear in HISTORY, in chronological order.
If your post is attached to a job or your education, roll your mouse to the top left of the relevant employment or education box and you’ll see three dots appear:
  •  in the drop down, click on ADD POST or ADD WORK SAMPLE and follow the same as above.
NOT SURE IF YOU WANT TO SHARE RIGHT AWAY – not a problem… click on the padlock at the bottom left and we’ll keep it between us for now.
Updated on December 3, 2018