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Build an awesome video

How to Build Awesome Video

Start by logging in to your profile, click on ADD VIDEO in the video pane.
  • Follow the instructions to upload to and from YouTube and remember to save.
DON’T FRET….your video doesn’t have to be you sitting in front of your webcam…here are some other ideas:
  • has anyone ever interviewed you! Upload it!
  • have you ever been recorded on stage, playing sport, or anything else that tells us who you are! Upload it!
  • what about a montage of photos with music to give a birds eye view of you! Upload it!
  • are you an artist… a collaboration of your work could look cool! Upload it!
  • know someone who likes the camera and likes you? Interview them about you! Upload it!
  • or be creative… we just want to know more about you! Upload it!
Not comfortable with putting up a video…. no worries. Your profile will look awesome, even without one.
Updated on December 3, 2018