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Company FAQ

Companies, learn the fundamentals of Jäbôrd through our Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Jäbôrd?

Jäbôrd is an innovative digital recruitment platform, built to disrupt third-party recruiters by making it easy to find the right candidate while saving time and reducing cost. By bringing both company and candidate into the same platform for the entire duration of the recruiting process, we have the advantage of providing tools, features and a streamlined experience for both recruiters and candidates like no one else.  

What can Jäbôrd do for my company?

The Problem for Recruiters

Standard one-dimensional PDFs are an inadequate way to learn about someone, and there’s always a middleman, which just muddles communication. And on top of that, the hiring process is inefficient, long, expensive and lacks a human touch.

The Solution

Employers find the right people quicker and cheaper, with Jäbôrd’s interactive profiles, in an easy and efficient all-inclusive platform.

How do I get started?

If you would like to partner with Jäbôrd for our pilot program please reach out to Ethan Graber, ethan@jabord.com.

Jäbôrd’s aim is to create an all-inclusive recruitment platform that is accessible to all company sizes with a per job slot pricing structure/ self serve sign up process similar to a job board with the added functionality of an applicant tracking system and so much more.

What does Jäbôrd Cost?

We are offering a 60-day Free Trial to post jobs on our platform. The 60-day Trial starts from the time you publish your first job. After the Trial is over, you will be charged per month, on the number of job slots you are using per month. Job slots start at $199/month and can decrease with volume pricing. 

One can think of a job slot as a parking spot in a garage, and cars as the job posting. Only one car can fit into a spot at any given time, but that car can easily be moved, and another car can enter. So for a small company that has bought 5 slots per month, they can at any time have 5 job postings up at any time. But if they have another posting that they need to get into the public, they can swap out one of the published ones to still pay the same price.

How do I create a Company Profile?

A Jäbôrd Company Profile consists of 4 sections: Overview, Life, Jobs, and Social. The Overview section is always in view on the left side and serves as a reference point for the candidate. This section is NOT labeled. Adding to a Company Profile is done in-line. 

Currently, users with Administrator privileges can edit and add to the Overview, Life and Social sections. Users with Recruiter privileges can add Jobs in the Jobs Section.

How do I post a job?

Adding an individual job can be done by Clicking Jobs on the top menu, and then click Add Job.

Can I import existing jobs from my ATS?

Currently, setting up a batch import of jobs from an ATS system can be set up by contacting Ethan, ethan@jabord.com. Please specify in the email your current ATS and method that you would like to use (XML, JSON, API). Note: all imported jobs will be hosted by Jäbôrd and the application process of those jobs will go through Jäbôrd.

How do I connect my social media feed?

Users with Administrator privileges can paste the social media links to their company’s feeds in the Social tab, on the left, in the Company Profile. Jäbôrd currently supports Facebook and Twitter Feeds and are looking to add more in the near future. 

How Secure is Jäbôrd?

Jäbôrd takes security very seriously:

  • Jäbôrd is SSL enabled site with 256-bit encryption
  • Our data is served using REST Web services. Each service request is validated against a valid JWT token.
  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is implemented that allows the resources to be served from the same domain.
  • Sensitivity data like password are encrypted and stored in the Database.
  • All types of files are stored in CEPH which is not accessible without AWS token. In the future, we have plans to move all the files in S3.
  • For accessing all the digital data, URL is generated dynamically and that URL is accessed with particular user authentication key and security key. Now, these URLs are valid for 7 days we can restrict this as per our need say. 1 day.
  • SQL Service can be accessed only from our server.
  • XPath restriction is added so that other crawler can’t crawl in our site except for some basic pages.
  • OAuth 2 authentication is implemented to access our API other than Jäbôrd.
  • LDAP Authentication is planned for Jäbôrd Company module.
  • Two-step authentication is implemented for enhanced security during signing in.
Where is Jäbôrd hosted?

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

How will Jäbôrd get the word out about my jobs and company page?

For Jäbôrd’s Pilot Program, we will discuss each company’s preference with the following options:

  1. Company Profile promotion using Facebook/Google Ads
  2. Company Profile / Specific Job promotion using current company social media feeds
  3. Specific Job promotion by posting jobs on traffic-heavy job boards
  4. Email Campaigns

In the future, all of the following options will be available on our portal, including a CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system.

How do I view applicants/candidates?

To see candidates that have allowed for discoverability, start to type in the “Search for talent” field on the top header bar.

To see applicants that have applied for your job, Click Jobs on the top menu bar, navigate to the desired job and click it. All jobs have Applicant Tracking Stages in which the first one is labeled Applicants.

Can I post a job without multimedia content?

Yes. But we strongly urge against this.

Efficiency in recruitment can only be done if both the candidate and company feel secure in handing over more information upfront. Just as a company wants the most data on applicants delivered as a Jäbôrd Résumé, a candidate also wants more information about the job and company.

Lastly, statistics on Job postings with videos are telling. According to Recruiter.com, “video job ads yield a 500 percent increase in click-throughs, 50 percent more applications, and a significant improvement in qualified candidates applying.” Other statistics mention that candidates spend approximately 5 minutes viewing job postings with video, and only 30 seconds on textual job postings.

Can I search for candidates on Jäbôrd?

This is how accessing the database works:

As candidates apply for your jobs, those candidates become accessible to you across the entire system. Unlike other ATS systems, when a candidate updates their Jäbôrd Résumé, the updated is reflected.

Candidates have the privacy controls to be incognito or not discoverable. In this case, that user will not be shown to the company in search results. These controls give candidates enough security to fill in a Jäbôrd Résumé with a lot of data points so that if they do apply, the company receives a lot of information. The candidates can also receive notifications of jobs that they match with. 

Can a candidate apply with a PDF styled Résumé?

Yes. Although Candidates are encouraged to use Jäbôrd Résumés, we understand that applying with an already existing PDF can be the fastest way to apply. We do not want to discourage applicants who land on your job to not apply. Candidates after applying, can work on their Jäbôrd Résumés and share that with the company as well.

What are future features Jabord is working on?

There are really too many to count. Here are some game changers coming soon:

  1. Advanced applicant tracking system (ATS)
  2. Advanced AI filtering/matching
  3. On Platform Communication (Chat, Voice, Video, Scheduling)
  4. Partnerships and integrations
  5. Analytics and dashboards for candidates and companies
Can I view Jäbôrd Applicants in my current ATS?

Currently, an integration with an ATS system can be set up by contacting Ethan, ethan@jabord.com. Please specify in the email your current ATS. Note: The applicant information would be sent to the ATS system after the candidate applies. The candidate applies on Jäbôrd.

Can candidates apply using their mobile device?

Yes, Jäbôrd was created with a mobile-first mentality knowing full well how often people are using their smartphones.

Updated on January 14, 2020