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Welcome to Jabord API

The Jabord API allows developers to integrate with Jabord for accessing Jabord core Profiles and Jobs data. The API allows for most of the read and write methods that you will need to support your application.

Take your Application in the future of Jabord

Company can access our API and find the right talent from the Jabord Profiles data. Alternatively, any Company can access Jabord Web API for posting their own Jobs in Jabord, as long as it complies with Jabord’s Terms of Use.

Quick Start

How Jabord Web API works. Register your application to get API client credentials. You will need a Jabord Company account (free) to register an App. Note: Please contact our Customer Support team @ support@jabord.com to know further about the above 2 Implement an OAuth 2.0 authorization flow to allow people to give your app a secured access to our data.
Updated on December 7, 2018